Democracy, Not Policy: How Democratizing the Workplace Can Reverse Grade Inflation and Restore the Quality of American Higher Education

Grade inflation is a serious problem in American universities today. At a time when many are calling into question the quality of higher education in the United States, average GPAs have been steadily rising since the 1980s. Some would like to blame the problem on professors who give in to whining students and their overbearing parents in order to get favorable evaluations. However, the problem is systemic – directly tied to the economic, political, and demographic changes in the U.S. over the last several decades – and will require systemic reform to realistically address. The answer: democratize the enterprise.

Nothing Could Be Better For You: Why Children (and adults) Need More Free Time

Whether it’s because they’re working three jobs to make end’s meet, or because they want to make them more competitive on future college applications, American parents are over-scheduling and over-regimenting their kids lives more and more, filling up their free time with a myriad of after-school sports other extracurricular activities. Children’s lives in America have become more busy and regimented than ever. Yet social science research shows that children who have more free time develop into more creative, independent adults. At a time when we need revolutionaries, we are cultivating conformity. And for the future, that simply won’t do.

Poverty: A Vicious Cycle

Living in rural poverty is a special kind of hell. After half a century since its inception, where do we stand in the so-called “War on Poverty?”

We Need to Talk: How Social Technology is Creating an Antisocial Society

Social science research shows that the third of Maslow’s human hierarchy of needs, social belonging, cannot be satisfied in cyberspace. Technological connection is no substitute for face-to-face conversation.  For your health and for mine, we need to talk.